The World's Best Multinational Workplaces 19 October 2015

How do you best create a great culture at a global organization? Elevate pay levels? Increase training opportunities? Launch a wellness program? Those steps may help, but the thing that moves the needle most for employees at the world’s best workplaces is a strong sense of community.

That’s the main finding of a new report, company as community, that accompanies Great Place to Work®'s 5th annual list of the World's Best Multinational Workplaces. In these companies, led by #1-ranked Google, we found that central to employees' perception of a great culture were camaraderie factors — such as whether the workplace is fun, welcoming, and family-like.

Employees at the 25 World’s Best also value competent management, including leaders' effectiveness at coordinating staff. And employees care deeply about what might be considered workplace basics: proper resources and equipment for the job, a physically safe environment, and the ability to take time off when necessary.

Companies the world over would do well to focus on these drivers of workplace greatness, as well as on the trusting relationships that are the foundation of a strong culture. That's not just for the benefit of employees, but for the business benefits that come from a high-trust workplace. A growing mound of evidence from Great Place to Work and other experts shows that a great culture pays off, in areas ranging from higher revenues to lower turnover to better stock market performance to superb customer service.

As they work to make their cultures better, companies should consider the big picture, not just the needs of individual staffers. According to employees at the World’s Best, it takes a village to create a great global workplace.

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