Tilney launches smart beta-focused multi-asset range 27 January 2016

Tilney launches smart beta-focused multi-asset range


Tilney BestInvest subsidiary, Tilney for Intermediaries, has launched a range of five risk-rated, multi-asset funds.

Gareth Lewis, Tilney Bestinvest’s CIO said the emergence of smart and ‘alternative beta’ funds has been one of the most “significant and exciting” developments of the past two decades in the investment management sector.

“These advanced passive investments greatly enhance the scope for investment managers like us to express active asset allocation views in a much more granular way than has been previously possible through use of traditional index funds.

“As the recent market turmoil and slide in commodity stocks reminds us, there are serious drawbacks in investing solely through traditional passive products, as these leave investors fully exposed to losses in a declining market but also the risks of sector valuation bubbles in rising markets,” he added.

Co-managed by Lewis, and director of investment strategy Ben Seager-Scott, the five passive funds will replicate the asset allocation approach on sister funds in Tilney Bestinvest’s existing £1 billion strong Multi-Asset Portfolio fund range.

The five strategies, cautious, balanced, growth, aggressive growth and income each correspond to the profiles of leading independent risk-profiling firms Distribution Technology and Finametrica and have an AMC of 0.65% with the OCF capped at 1%, with a minimum investment of £1,000.